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The "Ideal Diode" allows multiple power sources of different voltages and capacities to be connected in parallel to a load with no risk of reverse current flow from higher voltage sources into the lower voltage sources. This is especially useful in allowing the safe connection of multiple batteries in parallel.


One Ideal Diode Controller connected to the positive feed from each power source will isolate each power source from the load until it is the highest, or equal to the highest voltage source in the system. Once all power sources have equalized, current to the load will be shared between each power source.


This Ideal Diode Controller utilizes the IXTN660N04T4 MOSFET in the SOT-227 package. This MOSFET can support high currents (with appropriate heatsink) with very low forward voltage drop. With an Rds(on) value of only 0.85 mΩ the forward voltage drop across the MOSFET is only ~0.75 mV/Amp.


To insure safe and reliable operation of the Ideal Diode Controller the following maximum values should be maintained in your system:


Maximum Voltage: 40 VDC

Maximum Current: Maximum current is dependent on the mounting of the MOSFET, if a heatsink is utilized, and the expected loads of your system. Refer to the "Mounting Info" document for detailed information.


Dimensions (LxWxH): 1.50" x 1.25" x 0.75" (circuit board and MOSFET assembly).

MOSFET Data Sheet: IXTN660N04T4

MOSFET Mounting Info: Handling and Mounting Littelfuse miniBLOC - SOT227B


Ideal Diode Controller

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